Hi, I am

Bert Schwarz

At TV im Web GmbH I am Producer and tell all the stories you'll find in the different online-magazines.

Telling stories properly needs professional preparations. That's why you will meet me or another prson of our team twice: during research and during production procedures.

I am responsible for production on location and editing in our studio. The work is based on my decades lasting professional experience behind a camera and the editor's witch's kitchen.



Storytelling and your perfect match.

Since 2008 TV im Web GmbH supports their customers' success by project & solution focussed work, creativity & design of online contents.

TV im Web GmbH offers four business units.

Online marketing, referral marketers

Publishing of online magazines

ip.TV-Production for those magazines and as production contractor

Web design & build

All infrastructure used is company owned what makes us independent, temporally flexible and finally we generate an optimal ratio between our cost structure and best possible quality standards for you.

Online-Marketing & PR


html & css

ip.TV Production


Our Services

We increase the relevance of your public relations by up to 100%. - Your social media communities and ours are different. Break the shackles of alogarythm and make your services known in our circles.

ip.TV Production

We develop and produce mostly all of the online magazines' contents.

Customers from Tourism or other industries are welcome to participate using our infrastructure and professional know-how.


All online magazines are built and maintained in-house.

Our customers are welcome to book these fine services as well.


ADAC Südbayern

ADAC Südbayern

Die 30. ADAC Bavaria Historic

Watch the story



A small country with huge possibilities

Strolling through the capital of the Grand Duchy will make you astonished for sure since the expectation to find bank and office building of the EC will fail.


Pays Grasse

The World of Perfume

Our «Tour de Provence» is leading us to Grasse and its astonishing hinterland.



Another ip.TV channel

Video only .



Publishing house

for print and electronical media. .


Opera Mediaworks

The door leading to Smart TV
reisemagazin TV

the Online Magazine

Love Travel?

Stories, tips, and clues in German language .


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